Zsa Zsa and Malevich

by Samantha Twigg Johnson

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In the quiet snowdrifts blowing towards the Baltic Sea
an artist asked a haughty pooch to share a pot of tea

After complimenting Zsa Zsa on her coat of golden red
the artist looked her in the eye and this is what he said:

“Zsa Zsa take a look around you
as the emptiness surrounds you
the purity of space alone persists

"There are those who fear this silence
setting out to do it violence
but they do not know the brightness
they do not know the mists!

"When I see fields of white
Michelangelo’s pure light
sheds its shell and sparkles in its vulnerability

"When I see fields of white
I feel the raw shining brightness
the blazing revelation of pure sensuality.”

Zsa Zsa listened closely to Malevich as he spoke
watching as the corners of his mouth filled up with foam

For a dog she kept abreast quite well of modern art
she’d formed a few opinions so she coughed and gave a bark

Zsa Zsa said to him, “Malevich,
I don’t know if I can take this
I’m a glamour queen in a dog’s world

"You talk of transcendence sublime—
a bit of mystery is fine
but in the end your cross of black still leaves me cold.

"When I see fields of white
The sight is united
with the feeling of the arctic snow beneath my naked feet

"When I see fields of white
I feel the raw shining brightness
The blazing revelation of pure sensuality.”

Malevich didn’t say a word
while Zsa Zsa spoke her mind
He took her criticisms with a condescending smile

It was clear their differences would not end easily
so the artist and the haughty pooch
agreed to disagree

Yet though they were of two minds
when it came to modern art
it was a single flame of passion
that kindled both their hearts

They looked for some distraction
that might ease the social strain and so
in turning to each other, both joined in the refrain

“When I see fields of white I feel the raw shining brightness
the blazing revelation of pure sensuality

"When I see fields of white that clear, piercing light
is a blazing consecration of my own vitality.”


released August 1, 2013
Recorded and mixed by Brian Horne in Hyde Park, Chicago. 2003.




Samantha Twigg Johnson Oxford, UK

Originally from Washington, DC, Samantha Twigg Johnson has sung in dark corners and on bright stages in the US, New Zealand, The Philippines, Spain and the UK. In addition to the flamenco guitar, she plays the Puerto Rican cuatro, a ten-stringed instrument she bought under the influence of heavy anaesthetics after a root canal in Chicago. She now lives in Oxford. ... more

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